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Computer Networking

There are several advantages to networking. For home entertainment, multi-player gaming, internet access, and file sharing, networking is ideal. Our certified professionals can provide the best networking services for your home or office.

Other benefits of having a computer network include the ability to manage data and the sharing of office equipment, controlling employee access.

Data Backup

Data privacy must be maintained at all times, whether in the workplace or at home. We can help you set up data backup and recovery for your business or home, as well as show you how to back up your files and data to avoid losing them accidentally.

Electronics Repair

With our Online Live Support, we can fix most problems remotely. We can remotely repair your computer if you give us permission; it's quick, simple, and most importantly, you don't have to leave your house or have anyone come over.

Attractive costs for high-quality repairs using certified parts.

Laptop and Tablet Repair

We can fix everything from damaged screens to parts to software issues. All makes and models can be repaired at R&S Computers. Don't be concerned about the lack of a warranty; we can assist you.

We will provide you a free estimate and explain our diagnosis of the problem as well as the steps we will take to resolve it.

Optimizing Slow Computers

Is your computer becoming increasingly slow and sluggish, freezing frequently, and logging into Windows slow? If your computer is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it's time to schedule a computer tune-up. Our certified specialists will clean and optimize your computer to increase processing speed, free up hard drive space, and improve operating system stability.

Security Cameras

We have the latest technology DVRS, NVRS in 4,8, channels with Realtime recording functions at R&S Computers. HD DVR Standalone with HDMI, 1080p HD Camera Support is also available. Individual sales of DVR with Full Installation Package are available. 

  1. Indoor 4 Channel CCTV Surveillance System, 4 Dome Cameras, iPhone, Android DVR Viewer
  2. 4 Channel DVR Home Surveillance System, IR Cameras, iPhone, Blackberry, Android
  3. 8 Channel Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance System, 4 CCTV Domes, 4 Bullet IR Cameras
  4. Home Surveillance System, Outdoor Bullet 4 Color Bullet Infrared Cameras, iPhone View
  5. 4/8/ CH Realtime Recording DVR’s

Software & Hardware

We put out great effort to ensure that every task, no matter how small or large, receives the same level of accountability and high-quality laptop, PC, and computer repair services. We fix all makes and models of laptops, desktop computers, and servers, including Windows, Apple (Mac), and Linux PCs. We remove viruses without reformatting your computer, so you don't lose any crucial information or images. Both hardware and software are repaired by us. We don't have a waiting list, so come whenever you want and we'll get started on fixing your computer straight away.

Virus Removal

Are you frustrated by poor computer performance or intrusive pop-ups? Your computer is infected with a virus or spyware. Keep your personal information safe. We can help you find and remove malware, as well as protect your computer from future threats. Don't get too worked up if your data isn't showing up. R&S Computers is your personal computer doctor.

Virus removal includes the following steps: Your computer will be thoroughly examined. Complete malware detection on your computer Infected files are quarantined and cleaned.

Files that have been corrupted can be repaired. Window and security updates installation.  Increasing the efficiency of the system and  the final scan to ensure that the system is clean.

Unlimited Internet and Home Phone

Unlimited High Speed Internet Home Phone with 15Mbs high speed and unlimited downloading

Digital home phone, Unlimited Canada calling, 11 features included are:

  1. Caller Name
  2. Call Transfer
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Three Way Conference
  5. Call Forwarding
  6. Call Id Block
  7. Voicemail
  8. Call Black List
  9. Anonymous call Rejection
  10. Do not Disturb
  11. Hot line and ID Display.

Apple Products

iPhones, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, PowerBooks, iPads, iMacs, Mac Pros, and other Apple goods are all repaired by us.

Installation of Mac OS, Fan Repair, Boot Repair, MacBook Hinge Repair, Logic Board Repair, and MacBook Screen Replacement.

We repair cracked screens on iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, and MacBook Pros, as well as water damage, sticky tabs/keys, broken or missing keys, and non-functional keyboards. Not to worry if your MacBook starts up but freezes at the logo; we'll safely back up your data and repair your Apple product. Batteries don't last very long, and they don't stay charged for very long, therefore we can replace/repair them for you.

We can repair any problem with your iPad or iPod, including flex cords for volume control, camera issues, battery replacement, and more.

Computer Repair and Diagnostics

For any of your computer repair issues, we have a solution. We repair while you wait, providing the shortest repair times in the market. Allow us to assist you in the following areas when it comes to computer repairs: Windows reinstalling and reformatting,  Device driver issues, Windows registry issues, Microsoft Windows Errors, Repairs include power supplies, sound cards, CPU fans, video cards, motherboards, computer fans, BIOS password removal, automated backup setup, Internet connectivity issues, Windows password removal, computer overheating repair, computer component replacement, and much more.

Buy accessories

We are aware of our customers' requirements for modest accessories. We have a huge selection of all brands in stock. We can order it for you if we don't have it in stock.

Computer Cases/Chassis, CD/DVD ROM Drives, Hard drive, Memory/RAM, Memory Stick, Mice and Keyboards, Modems, Monitor & Display, Motherboard, Network Card, Power Supply, Sound Cards, TV Tuners, UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply), Video/Graphic Cards, Video Projectors, Webcams, and more.

Other services

We believe in making our clients' demands as simple as possible. As a result, we have certified experts who can complete simple tasks at your home or office.

We also specialize in:

  • TV Mounting starting at $100
  • Networking $80/hourly
  • Photocopy $0.10 per page
  • 10% student discount on repairs
  • Cabling Service at flat rate
  • Call for Service $69 hourly

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