• Q Do you sell computers?
  • AYes. Our approach to selling computers is a little different than other places in the area. First, we don’t stock computers at the shop. Ever been to a computer repair shop where they told you “Your machine isn’t worth fixing… however I have this brand new XYZ machine over here for just $599.” Our experience tells us that sometimes customers feel like those places are just trying to sell them something. Other places that repair and sell computers hire repair technicians at minimum wage and pay them a sales commission. Well if you were hired to repair computers but got more money in your pocket for selling them, what would you do? We will special order anything you’d like, PC or Mac, Laptop or Desktop. We want the focus of your experience with us to be on your best interests, not on whether or not we need to sell inventory that’s been sitting in the shop too long.
  • QDo you work on Apple Computers?
  • AYes. We have a staff of Certified Macintosh Technicians. That means we are the only place locally that has completed the proper Apple training, plus has had years of hands on experience making us extremely knowledgeable in Apple products. We have access to special tools that provides us to be able to diagnose and repair Apple Computers, which other shops claiming to repair Apple computers do not have.
  • QHow long will it take to get my computer diagnosed and repaired?
  • AWe guarantee to start diagnostics on your computer immediately. However we can’t be sure of exactly how the diagnostics and repair will actually take. We realize how foolish that sounds, but the reality is that even the simplest of symptoms may have an underlying cause that is not easy to detect. Rather than just putting a band aid on the situation and having you return at a later date with the same issue, we prefer to dig deep and discover the underlying circumstances and solve the actual problem, not just treat the symptoms. With thousands of hardware and software variables to look through, sometimes these things take time. Every machine is different and as such, every problem is unique. We work diligently, late into the night and weekends if needed, to solve the problem and get your machine back to you as quickly as possible.
  • QDo you work on business computers, or just personal computers?
  • AWe service both individuals and businesses.